Adairs Linen Lovers: Almost no downside, but just how much do you love linen?

by | Dec 12, 2021 | Loyalty Programs, Member Benefits, Rewards

Like many of my millennial and Gen Z counterparts, a good aesthetic shot of a professionally styled interior takes up a good chunk of my Instagram feed. The idea of restyling and upgrading one of our most intimate and private spaces is a passing thought that, like many, I have had several times a year with each seasonal catalogue.

The good news is if you love redecorating your interior, which I am certain we can all agree can often add up to be quite a costly exercise, the Linen Lovers rewards program is going to tempt you.

What Linen Lovers offers you

The Linen Lovers program offers members access to several benefits including:

  • A guaranteed 5% off sale items & 10% off all full priced products
  • A $20 welcome reward on your next purchase over $50
  • Exclusive Member Only offers up to 40%
  • Free standard shipping + Free & Extended Returns

Other benefits also include:

  • Chances to win prizes
  • ‘Shopping events’ that can double, triple, and quadruple your discounts
  • Email notices for upcoming sales (which you can choose to opt-out of)

Now after visiting Adairs several times myself, I can attest to the fact that they do have some very tempting member prices. These prices are normally around the 25% off mark and are exclusive to Linen Lovers members. The guaranteed discounts on all products, free shipping and extended returns are also major conveniences for obvious reasons.

Sounding a little too good? The catch

All these benefits almost sound too good to be true right? So, what’s the catch? Now this may deter some, however, the membership will actually charge you, costing $20 to join for 2 years, a charge that will eventually need to be repaid biannually to maintain your membership.

Luckily, the first $20 charge is returned to you as the initial $20 welcome reward mentioned earlier. This benefit, however, is spoiled by the added inconvenience that when you go to make your purchase and are initially introduced to the program by staff, you cannot then use it straight away.

It would take up to 48 hours for you to receive this reward via email, wherein you are then required to spend a minimum of $50 to be eligible to use it. This feature also comes with the added drawback that it must be used within 30 days of its issue date.

Now although this may discourage some of you, we should keep in mind that this voucher can be used at any of Adairs’ affiliated conglomerates such as Adairs Kids & Urban Home Republic. It is also important to note that dropping $50 at Adiars when considering their price range, is not at all difficult to do, plus you would be going home with some pretty unique and quality product.

But is it worth it?

Overall, these benefits are fantastic if you frequently upgrade your bedroom/bathroom or any living interior with new linens or home-ware products. But customers may want to consider the following when wondering whether to sign up. How many linen sets do you buy in a year? How often do you go through the process of restyling and redecorating the bits and pieces of your home?

I dare say the main and possibly only deterrent to joining the Linen Lovers club, lies in whether the consumer themselves frequent Adairs enough, amongst all its competitively priced contenders (i.e., Harris Scarfe, Myer, Bed Bath n Table), for it to actually be of any consideration. 

Overall, the range of benefits offered for just $10 a year is highly favourable to the consumer, however, again, it may be worth contemplating how often you opt for home-ware products during your weekly shopping trip.

Amy Gavagnin is a Strategy Consultant at Loyalty & Reward Co, Australia’s leading loyalty consulting agency. She has worked in various areas of marketing including digital, social media, graphic design, eCommerce, email and event marketing, previously supporting departments at Westfield Scentre Group, Cass Brothers and Harvey Norman Commercial Division. As Strategy Consultant, Amy applies her skills across all aspects of the business, including promotional campaign management as well as loyalty program design, loyalty strategy development, and market research.​

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