We use our data-driven Deep DIVE© process to design, implement and operate best-practice loyalty programs. We also educate companies and individuals about loyalty and member engagement strategy.

Deep DIVE© comprises of intensive data analysis, concept design workshops, program commercial modelling, member lifecycle management and the development of a detailed program launch plan. Our expert team can also run some, or all, of your ongoing loyalty program communications and operations.



Analyse business objectives, customer data and competitor programs.



Workshop optimal designs utilising best-practice and consumer psychology.



Refine design with market research, commercials and lifecycle strategy.



Implement final design, including platform sourcing, training and launch strategy.


Loyalty & Reward Co have designed or redesigned loyalty programs for over 50 brands globally in the past seven years. We utilise our Deep Dive© process to consistently produce best-practice outcomes. As loyalty consultants, we provide an objective viewpoint. 


Loyalty Program Design

Modern loyalty program designs are sophisticated and comprehensive. We ensure the right design is chosen to deliver to business objectives.

Market Research

Utilising qualitative and quantitative research, we ensure we understand the needs of members, and tailor program designs to meet those needs.


Marketing Campaigns

Member communications require personalisation & advanced segmentation. We design marketing strategies which ensure relevance and meaning.

Data Analytics Strategy

Data analytics allow loyalty program operators to intimately understand their member base. We develop comprehensive data analytics strategies.

Lifecycle Strategy

Effective lifecycle management can extend member lifetime value and improve retention. We design optimal experiences which reduce churn.

Commercial Modelling

Successful loyalty programs are cost-effective. We specialise in designing monetisation strategies for loyalty programs which demonstrate positive ROI.


Loyalty & Reward Co have led the implementation of major new loyalty programs, plus the enhancement of established programs. We can lead each step of the process, including project management, platform and reward sourcing, launch strategy and testing.

Technical Solutions

From major platforms to bespoke solutions, we ease the confusion with our extensive global understanding of available technology solutions.

Reward Sourcing

Rewards are the sizzle in a loyalty program. We can deliver thousands of consumer goods, gift cards, experiences and many other categories.

Platform Sourcing

For any loyalty program design, we can identify the right platform to deliver the right mix of functionality and cost to support the program.

Project Management

Implementing a loyalty program requires a specific skill set. We can lead the project, drawing on our many years of execution experience. 

Tender Management

If procurement rules require, we can run the entire tender process end-to-end, including identifying suitable platform vendors.

Launch Strategy

Launching a new loyalty program requires co-ordination across the entire business. We can develop the optimal launch approach for success.


Operating a loyalty program requires a specialised skill-set which can be challenging and expensive to maintain in-house. Loyalty & Reward Co provide operational support for loyalty programs to ensure they are run efficiently and cost-effectively.

Customer Care Support

Specialised customer care is essential to support member engagement. We can provide customer care agents or training to support the program. 

Platform Management

Modern loyalty platforms can be configured to run stimulation campaigns. We can manage the platform to ensure it is operated effectively.


Marketing & Lifecycle

Marketing communications & lifecycle management are critical. We can execute sophisticated strategies utilising personalisation and segmentation.


Reporting & Analytics

Modern loyalty platforms run on insights. We can manage program analytics and reporting to extract meaningful insights for strategy evolution.

Reward Store Operation

Members join for the rewards. We can manage a comprehensive rewards store, organise delivery and solve any customer service issue.

Program Optimisation

Evolution is critical. We can combine member insights and industry trends to develop your loyalty program into something truly world-class.


Loyalty & Reward Co are obsessed with studying, researching and reviewing approaches to loyalty program design, communications, psychology, data collection and new industry developments. Our education services share our knowledge with the industry.

Conference Presentations

We regularly present about loyalty best-practice and strategy at conferences around the world. We can provide speakers for your next conference.

Articles & Publications

We write opinion pieces, have published books on loyalty and were commissioned by the Australian government to report on the loyalty industry.

Loyalty Courses

We run Australia’s leading loyalty education course. The two-day course covers everything from design, security to commercial modelling.

Industry Monitoring

We tirelessly research and review the latest trends in loyalty programs to ensure our clients get access to the latest thinking and approaches.

Loyalty Psychology

We exhaustively review consumer and loyalty psychology research studies to find the most relevant insights to apply to our program designs.

Staff Training

We run private courses for corporate clients to educate on best practice and help them realise a better ROI via deeper member engagement.

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