Treasure Rewards : Let the ultimate bargain hunt begin!

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Gamification, Loyalty Programs, Member Engagement, Rewards

TK Maxx has quickly become one of the most globally successful superstores around today, providing consumers with unique and quality products across fashion, homeware, beauty and more, at substantially lower prices than the competition.

The main source of its appeal is drawn largely from TK Maxx ‘s continuously rotating inventory, meaning that the products found at TK Maxx are one-of-a-kind, and will only be available until they are snatched by someone else. As a result, the experience of shopping at TK Maxx very much emulates a treasure hunt and naturally draws the most opportunistic bargain hunters across their customer base.

TK Maxx in the UK further enhances this behaviour through their very fitting loyalty program, Treasure Rewards, which motivates members to hunt throughout the year for special items and earn rewards on the way.

Hunt special keys to unlock treasure

Treasure Rewards is remarkably simple for members to understand and engage with. Upon signing up to the program, members will immediately receive a digital Treasure Card which must be presented at checkout with either TK Maxx or HomeSense to collect Shopping Keys.

Members can earn a single Shopping Key for any purchase made through three available avenues i.e., the TK Maxx store, TK Maxx online and the HomeSense store. To prevent an over consumption of rewards, members will be limited to the collection of three keys (one per avenue) each day.

Members will also be invited to collect Star Keys. A Star Key will be gifted to all members during the initial sign-up process as a join bonus. Star Keys may then be collected anytime for referring friends and family to join the program.

Upon the collection of five keys, members may redeem their keys on the online Treasure Rewards store, to unlock one of multiple offers.

What treasures can I find?

The treasure rewards store offers a multitude of versatile incentives for members to choose from and includes anything from a charity donation, a prize draw sweepstake entry to a free product.

Examples of current offers provided by Treasure Rewards include:

  • A five-pound donation to the Prince’s Trust charity on your behalf
  • A sweepstake entry to win a trip to Brighton for two
  • Bestselling book bundle
  • Lip and eye masks

The most exciting aspect of the rewards store is that, much like the TK Maxx products themselves, the offers alternate on a regular basis. This means that members who are not particularly drawn to any current reward, may choose to save their keys to redeem on a future offer.

Why members love it

The loyalty program is highly engaging as it gamifies the TK Maxx shopping experience through the collection of Keys to unlock an array of ever-changing rewards. It also plays on the bargain hunters natural desire to regularly uncover new products by rewarding frequent visitation and subsequent purchases.

Another excellent feature is that the loyalty program does not constrain members to TK Maxx and allows additional earn opportunities with their affiliate company, HomeSense, whose homeware products are highly complementary to the TK Maxx brand. This earn flexibility is very attractive and provides another reason as to why shoppers should continue to explore offerings with both stores.

Overall, the simplicity and versatility of the loyalty program is what makes Treasure Rewards so attractive and is absolutely worth joining for members who love the hunt.

Amy Gavagnin is a Strategy Consultant at Loyalty & Reward Co, Australia’s leading loyalty consulting agency. She has worked in various areas of marketing including digital, social media, graphic design, eCommerce, email and event marketing, previously supporting departments at Westfield Scentre Group, Cass Brothers and Harvey Norman Commercial Division. As Strategy Consultant, Amy applies her skills across all aspects of the business, including promotional campaign management as well as loyalty program design, loyalty strategy development, and market research.​

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