Qantas Frequent Flyer Connects Consumer And Business Rewards Accounts

Qantas Loyalty has  launched a new convenience feature for a sub-set of their frequent flyer program members; the ability to connect a consumer account and a Business Rewards account.

Members can now log in to their Frequent Flyer account and navigate between their Frequent Flyer and Business Rewards accounts on desktop and mobile. The feature hasn’t yet been extended to the Qantas App.

Members can also see a snapshot of their Business Rewards account when they’re logged in to their Frequent Flyer account, making it easier to keep track of their business’s Qantas Points and Membership Level.

The ability to connect their account is all thanks to iFly Loyalty, the new loyalty platform implemented by Qantas and IBS, which recently replaced the program’s legacy platform, Profile.

Profile was implemented in 1987 when Qantas Frequent Flyer was launched, and was well past its prime. In 2010, the platform underwent development to be able to accept a membership number of 10 digits, required when the program approached 10,000,000 members. Clearly, back in 1987, no one saw the program ever reaching those membership levels.

Qantas attempted to replace profile with an Oracle platform in a project which commenced in 2010, but the attempt was eventually shelved. Instead they replaced Profile module by module with IBS’s iFly Loyalty, a robust and highly flexibly platform which will allow Qantas Loyalty to innovate like never before.


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