Loyalty & Reward Co execute brand refresh and launch new website

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Acquisition Strategy, B2B Loyalty Programs, Lifecycle Management, Loyalty Programs


Despite being just 3 years old, Loyalty & Reward Co have come a long way.

Clients including HOYTS, Optus, El Al Airlines, Officeworks, Metcash and Credit Suisse have benefited from the loyalty management consulting services provided by Loyalty & Reward Co.

A number of larger loyalty program providers enjoy the support of Loyalty & Reward Co in delivering a wide range of consumer products and gift cards for their points-based online stores.

Feeling the company logo and website were looking slightly tired, Digital Director Kate Ireland began a refresh project which culminated in last week’s official relaunch.

‘The new logo is designed to convey elegance and simplicity,’ Ms Ireland said. ‘The red dot suspended on the red line speaks of progression; a customer moving along a lifecycle, a points balance moving towards a reward.’

The light-bulbs swinging in the breeze which first greet visitors to the new website also carry a defined meaning, according to Ms Ireland.

‘Our core essence as a business is fresh ideas. When we work with clients, we seek to stimulate as many lightbulb moments as we can. Whether the idea is ours or the clients, our primary focus is creating the conditions whereby ideas can arise in all their brilliance. The key to establishing such conditions is conveying the learnings of loyalty psychology in a way clients can easily understand and apply to their own unique situation.’

Loyalty & Reward Co are a leading loyalty management consulting firm.

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