Connecting Founders and Investors through Fortnite.

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to 2020. If you ain’t sourcing on Fortnite you’re missing out.” — Delian Asparouhov, Founders Fund.

The Loyalty & Reward Co team are big gamers, mainly because modern video game designs utilise genius techniques for driving ongoing engagement. This reveals valuable insights for our gamification education, providing us with a rich toolset of approaches for applying game elements to non-game setting (i.e. loyalty programs).

Some of us are mad for Fortnite. We just love entering as a squad to sky-dive onto the island, scavenge for weapons, kill others who want to kill us, and earn glory by being the last people standing. All virtually, of course. Killing in real life is illegal and not something we endorse.

Enter They are a website which connects start-ups looking for investment and venture funds looking to invest. Rather than pitch on a board room, coffee shop or over Zoom, the pitch takes place when playing Fortnite. The start-up and the VC join as a squad, and the start-up has until they’re killed or victorious to pitch for funding (a game of Fortnite lasts a maximum 20 mins). This provides additional motivate for the start-up to survive, although depending on the pitch, the VC may be happy for an early death.

And if the start-up is successful in securing funding? Well, that would call for a Fortnite victory dance.

Philip Shelper is a loyalty management consultant based in Sydney, who obsesses about everything to do with loyalty and member engagement. His company, Loyalty & Reward Co are Australia’s leading loyalty consulting agency.

Phil and his team regularly write highly-opinionated articles about loyalty, which they post on

Phil is an Advisory Board member of the Australian Loyalty Association. In conjunction with Sarah Richardson (Founder and Chair of the Australian Loyalty Association), he teaches their Customer Engagement & Loyalty course, Australia’s leading course on loyalty strategy.

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Twitter: @phil_shelper

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